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Limitless Pill

Creating an edge, being unique and sustaining a perfect balance in life, career, family or friendships is an absolute necessity in this fast paced, hyper-competitive 21st century world.

Many relaxation programs, medication, academic sessions and motivational programs promise to deliver on such expectations with varying, often unsatisfactory results. That is why the brain boosting pill Cognilift has been a phenomenal and revolutionary solution and much sought after alternative.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Science of Limitless Pill

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Cognilift, a brain performance pill that enhances memory, mental cognition, propels mental energy, the ability to focus and the power to recall is the most widely used brain boosting pill among high flying persons.

It is the favorite for businessmen including Donald Trump who confesses that it helps him stay fit and alert on his presidential campaigns, and public personalities like Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chairman Warren Buffet, Hollywood actors Denzel Washington and George Clooney, musicians Kanye West and Jay-Z as well as celebrated professional golfer Tiger Woods and MIT scientist Paul Milnar.

The Viagra of the brain’, as it is known has been the subject of a blockbuster movie series Limitless after which it was dubbed as the missing link in the process of human evolution’ by Dr. Stix in his report, Turbo-Charging The Brain.

The drug Cognilift has been given an honorary citation in print and online publication of the international Forbes magazine and endorsed as the pill that transforms you into one of the finest thinkers in the world.

Is the Limitless Drug Real? Learn How it Works.


The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU), has conducted hundreds of tests on the clinical viability of the Cognilift pill and recent medical analysis of the pill are uncovering even more impressive capabilities of the wonder-drug.

It has been proven to give a 600% boost to the user’s alertness, cognitive agility, sense of memory and focus with 79% of the participants doubling their IQ within a day after their initial uptake and they consistently recorded a high IQ capacity during the entire time they used the pill.

The gene cognilift that is found in the male brain amplified the benefits of the pill to men incredibly boosting their thinking power, concentration, agility and movement.

The male recipients of the pill admitted to have quick, razor sharp wit, enhanced charm, finesse and flare making them attractive and interesting to pretty women. Cognilift has been the wonder pill for hundreds of men who desire to attract and seduce beautiful ladies.

Critics of Cognilift have been reducing as the drugs benefits and abilities bursts their myths and fears even as major pharmaceuticals outlets stage major campaigns to try and discredit it, as it provides thousands of people with the ability to be in top notch health and fitness and in less need of drugs and medical attention.

This pill is the one major opportunity to greatly reduce stress levels, get a hold of our emotional health and make great financial decisions, making it an unstoppable revolution in our mental and physical health.

Real Life Limitless Pill Called Cognilift


Cognilift, which has been known to have no side effects on the recipients in its clinical testing and trials has been on the receiving end of bad press by some medical facilities and drug manufactures, who claim that it places an undue advantage on those who are able to access it, over those who are not cognizant of its production and usage. The lobbyists have already pushed for its ban on major academic institutions like Cambridge University and television shows like Jeopardy! Long before its manufacturing was halted.

For A-rate celebrities like Will Smith and David Craig and famous figures like Clooney who have always desired to keep a crushing schedule of movies, celebrity appearance, travel and interviews while leading well-balanced personal and career lives, Cognilift has been their go to pill. The pill has also been the brainpower behind the Oscar winning movie ideas and superb screen play performance of your favorite actors.

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This wonder pill activates your internal power laid dormant by stressors, it boosts your thinking capacity and speed, revitalizes your entire mind function giving you exceptional abilities to pursue and meet targets.

Usage of Cognilift grows the brain cells, improves uptake of information and keeps your brain power at an all-time high. Cognilift is here to stay and getting even better and that is to our relief and for our good.